Saturday, September 6, 2008

Date Night

We had a AWESOME time yesterday!

Hubs and went to the Parade of Homes yesterday and had an AWESOME
time! We walked alot, drooled just a bit over the beautiful way to expensive
homes, and just had a great time!

I got some great ideas for decorating that I am gonna try to do, or course
for WAY less then what they did.... Considering that all the homes ran for
about 1.5 million we figured all the decor EASY ran about 10 grand in each
house.. or more LOL!

And I have no pic's sigh because no cameras were allowed.... But it was
awesome for sure!

We went out to eat after and I just wanted to show a pic of our food! :-)
Was awesomely plated hehehe, was good to!

Thanks hubby! I love you! Share

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