Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rambling thoughts...

Wow, I got lots of reading to do thanks to you all who gave me plenty of links to check out! I have found a few great ones so far!!!!

Tonight I made Stir Fry, Fried Rice, Egg Drop Soup, and Egg Rolls (the instant kind!!!) for dinner... which I ate out of the above the egg drop soup with a spoon full of rice in it... LOL
It all looked and smelled good but nothing tastes very good when your sick with allergies... again!
The soup was just what I need! That and some hot tea that I am now drinking... honey and tea does wonders for sure I tell ya!

Just got done watching the Convention for the evening and the VP speech, and did anyone but me catch the little girl giving her baby brother a spit hair style! I laughed my head off it was awesome... so cute. :-) Anyhoo.....

Still recovering from our Labor Day BBQ! This week has been completely thrown off! I kept thinking it was Wed yesterday cause I ended up going shopping and I usually go on Wed... and then Monday I kept thinking it was Sat of COURSE! so my week has been a bit topsy turrvy. But I will survive, got to get tons of stuff done or it will just keep piling up on me! I have a mountain of laundry sitting on my floor and the last load washing right now... which is a story to laugh at!

OK, I started this load at like 3 or so and went about what I was doing. I went back later and went to put it in the washer and it was all dry. So I thought weird I must not of pushed the button to start it... so I pushed it again, heard the water going in and walked away. Went to go change it later and it was STILL DRY! I thought weird... must of been something wrong when I pushed the button and it stopped filling... so I started it AGAIN! But then I noticed WAIT, its on SPIN ONLY. LOL my washer was set somehow on the spin only cycle so it was getting a wringing out and that was it.. lol... so its FINALLY washing right now! A bit of blah on the brain can we say? :-) I can laugh at myself... sigh

So yes, I have lots of laundry to fold and put away and the kitchen to clean from dinner but I feel to blah to do it! :-) I thought my head was finally clearing of all this allergy stuff from the past 2 weeks but its back again. "Cries"

Tomorrow I am going to meet my sisnlaw for maybe lunch and my FREE PEDICURE! I had gotten the voucher for it a few weeks back and finally got into a spa close to us! WOOHOO! Just in time to as hubs is takin me out on a date Friday night! :-D We are going to the Parade of Homes and out to eat! Super excited (and he thought I might think it was dorky!!! hehe)

Well, thats about it with my ramblings for tonight! :-)

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Mrs. Alspaugh said...

Hi ya! Nice blog. Just passing through. I had never been here before. I will be back though. Nice coupon holder. Do you have any trouble keeping enough coupons in it that you use? I got the bad habit of giving all my coupons away. LOL I think my internet friends really LOVE me. Hope your day at the spa is/was fun!