Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This weeks Savings

CVS Total Spent $0.05 on Gift card!
Retail Total $91.77
Total After Sales and Coupons $19.99
Used $19.94 in ECB's
Got Back $25.29 in ECB's =Made $5.35!
plus I will send in the rebate for the monitor
and hope they will send me a check for $14.99!
You never know one way or the other!!!

Walgreens Total Spent $20.68 = $8.18 on Gift Card and $12.50 in RR!
Retail Total $70.95
Total After Sales and Coupons $20.68
Getting Back $6.60 in Rebate items!
So have a total of $107.06 On gift card or RRs

Heb Total $15.99
Total after Coupons $15.24
(Of which $6.21 was for a ladies Luncheon and I still need
to go back and get 2 more things that I didn't realize I didn't
have enough of which will be a total of $6.98 more)

Super Walmart Total $42.05
(Of which $3.41 was for a ladies Luncheon)
Retail Total $73.82
Coupons totaled $31.77
I bought a few more "fast" "junk" type food because they
were a great deal and a splurge! :-)

Total spent this week $58.04 OUCH! lol But I now have a
freezer full of frozen veggies, meat, and LOTS of pastas and
such! Enough for MORE than 2 weeks! :-)

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Friends & Family said...

I just found you and am loving your blog! I'm posting because I just noticed today that you're in TEXAS! (HEB gave it away) I was just planning to sit down today and write to HEB to tell them I hate their coupon "sales" doesn't allow me to use my own and they need to do something else. Hoping to find out how you're saving there - it's still my favorite store.

Stacy - Killeen/Georgetown