Monday, November 10, 2008

A busy Monday

We had a full and great weekend and I'm feeling the affects of it now trying to get my house back in order for sure. We had an early Thanksgiving get together for our bible study groups at church this Saturday. A very big turn out that was great food and fellowship!!! It also ended with a prank call to our beloved leader who moved to Ca. back this summer. (We drove their car to CA for them this summer!) It was to awesome and I was in tears from laughing! We love you guys!!!

Anyways, back into the swing of things today trying to get a few things accomplished for this week! My niece is staying with us for a few days as her parents are going out of town for their Anniv. so I wanna make sure we do fun stuff instead of get caught up having to clean while shes here! We have dinner guests coming over mid week so that makes you want to super clean your house! And just a full week ahead of me!!!

So today I finally dragged myself to get started on my list of things to do!!! It seemed like a slow going Monday for SURE!

But I have finally got alot done and just a few more things to do and get hubs some dinner started and then I'm off to meet my sisnlaw I think to hang out.

So for the moment I'm propping my feet up and eating a cup of ice cream my dear hubby brought home the other day when I sent him to the store for potato's, but that's another story to tell another day, then off to finish and get ready to head out!
Hope you had a wonderful Monday!!! Share


AudreyO said...

Hmm eating ice cream or working on my to do list? Not even a contest :)

Sounds like you've had a really busy house. I love when our house has a revolving front door with friends and family coming and going and nice meals on the table. For me, it's actually just fun and relaxing.

darcie said...

thanks for bringing the great mashed potatoes and rolls on Saturday, Nicole-and for all your expert kitchen assistance!