Friday, December 19, 2008

Direct TV

Over 150 Channels for $29.99/mo. Get DIRECTV.

What are you doing for the new digital age of tv?

Hubs and I decided that instead of buying a new tv for Christmas because ours will be "out of service" unless we go with a converter box... We will be fine with ours and just go for Direct Tv.

And yah for us it will only be $10.00 more than what we pay for Netflix right now! So with canceling our netflix and signing up for a year of direct tv we are both happy and get better tv reception for SURE. Thats one thing about the country! Even with good rabbit ears, you barely get ANYTHING!

I can't wait to get it to catch a few Cooking shows I LOVE!


So what are you doing?

Get FREE HD for 3 months. Get DIRECTV. Share

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