Monday, February 9, 2009

17.1 Week update

When I turned 17 weeks I told my husband I finally feel like I am getting somewhere! I don't feel like I'm just barely pregnant. If that makes any sense. :-) I guess its also that I am coming close the the 1/2 way mark.

I feel baby move ALOT! It kicks and does flips or SOMETHING. This child is very active, more so than I ever imagined! It was very cool when my husband was able to feel the baby kick him. Not something I was expecting yet.

I am getting more energy back but I think part of it is I am finally on some good Prenatal Vitamins. But its nice for sure. I'm not sleeping very good at night due to not sleeping on my stomach and just being uncomfortable sleeping on my side or back. I use to sleep like a ROCK through the night and I never woke up.... but now I'm awake every 1 hour or so. Not cool. I even use tons of pillows to make myself comfortable but they disappear in the night. Hopefully I will get somewhat use to it before to long.

Today I had another appt. and looks like everything is going just fine! I don't need the glucose test till 28-29 weeks she said as everything is looking ok so far! Just got to keep eating right!
Baby's heartbeat was strong and loud! Love hearing it!!!

I was very sad although when I asked her if I was going to get my US to see what baby is at my next appt in 4 weeks, I would be 21 weeks. And found out that I won't be getting it till 25 weeks which is another 8 weeks away!!!! I was very disappointed. Sigh... I'm so ready to find out what it is!!! But I guess we will be waiting another 8 weeks.

So baby is:
About 5 inches long from head to rump. They don't measure to head to feet till after 20 weeks as baby is so curled up they have a hard time telling from what I understand. So its a bit longer than 5 inches for its legs.
And about 5.3-7.0 ounces in weight.
Fine hair called lanugo is starting to appear.
Baby's fingerprints and toeprints are forming.
Baby's teeth beginning to form enamel.
Baby can move it's joints. (Um yah no WONDER its kickin me!)
Sweat glands are starting to develop. Share


Heidi said...

Hi Nicole! Stinks to have wait that long to find out! As far as sleeping goes...I can't believe you can sleep on your back still! I've read/been told that you should only sleep on your sides because laying on your back pinches off the "vena cava" or something like that. Anyway, I can't breathe very well laying on my back b/c of the extra pressure on the diaphragm. Glad you're feeling better! Tri. 2 goes MUCH faster!

Cathy said...

Hi Nicole,
I enjoy your blog very much. I don't comment, but check and read it everyday.
You might want to do a Google search on the Chineese lunar will tell you the sex of your babe. It's like 99% accurate. Check it out and let us know.

Heidi said...

Here's another piece of unwanted pregnancy advice...get a body pillow! They are so comfortable to sleep with! I lay on my side and throw an arm and a leg over it...MUCH BETTER! Good luck!

Vivian Risse said...

So glad you're doing well, sis. Isn't the baby moving the AWESOMEST feeling? Love to you and yours!