Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meals to make before Baby is born...

Here's a list of food I am planning on making for my freezer before baby comes so when everything settles down after gracious people from church and family provide meals for us we will have plenty to eat without putting much effort into making food!


Main Meals

Spaghetti Sauce - 3 bags DONE

Pigsnblanket - 2 gallon bags full DONE

Chicken Pot Pie - 2 pies DONE

Mini Meatloaves - 5 meals worth DONE

Pizza Pockets - 3 bags of them (About 40) DONE - Need to make more!

Quiche Pie - 2 pies DONE

Breakfast Links in Biscuits Pignblanket style - 2 bags full DONE

Breakfast Pockets 4 bags full - 2 DONE

Enchilada Casserole 2 casseroles

Meat Lasagna 1 casserole - DONE

Pepperoni Lasagna 1 casserole - DONE

Farmhouse Chicken 1 casserole - DONE

Salisbury Steak 2 batches

Banana Muffins - 3 bags full DONE

Pumpkin Bread 4 loaves

Other Foods
Large batch of Fried Rice - 6 meals worth DONE

Large batch of Mex Rice - 6 meals worth DONE

Large batch of Pinto beans - 6 meals worth DONE Share


Jeni said...

Thanks for these ideas - I have thought about freezing meals ahead for after our baby comes, but haven't put anything into action yet. I'll have to bookmark this & come back to make a list!

Susan said...

Congrats on your upcoming baby! Very exciting! I am almost 38 weeks now, waiting for my 2nd daughter to arrive!

I'm working on a bunch of freezer meals too. But I sure can't wait for the baby to get here so I can stop freezing those meals and start eating them! :D

Kara said...

Good thinking, especially the muffins and other breakfast stuff. When our son was born we got dinners from friends at church, which usually was enough for leftovers at lunch but needed breakfast food.

Anonymous said...

Cook a potroast in beef broth and freeze. You can serve it later with mashed potatoes and make the broth into gravy. If you eat pork products you could cook a pork shoulder and mix with bbq. Serve it later with cornbread and beans.

Crystal said...

Thanks for the ideas! I am about to start my meals to freeze. Our baby will be here in 9 weeks!!

Liz said...

Thank you thank you thank you! I just made up a batch of the fried rice from your recipe, and it's great. My husband just said that it's his new second favourite meal! (His favourite meal is Shephard's pie which, until now, was the only other vaguely decent meal that I could cook!)

I added in baby corn and red and green capsicum as well to get some more veggies in and a few more eggs, and it's great. We had dinner for the two of us tonight, and there is probably another eight side dish or lunch sized serves left to go in the freezer.

I read your post earlier in the week and thought we would try the rice dishes and I'm so glad we did. I'm typing this as I'm eating my fried rice (hey - it's saturday, I can eat in from of the computer!). As soon as I'm finished eating I'm going to make the Mexican rice which we've never had before.

Thanks again - and good luck for when your brand new bub arrives!

Alison @ Hospitality Haven said...

Wow! You're wonderfully organized!! Good for you. :) Thanks for sharing your recipes! I love to see new ones.

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