Thursday, February 12, 2009

My $5.00 Starbucks Treat!

Search & Win

I LOVE this site! I use them to do all my searches for things on the World Wide Web
and I just had enough points to redeem them for a $5.00 STARBUCKS gift card!
WOOHOO! A nice treat! Can't wait to get the card and get a nice cuppa java!!!!!

Have you signed up yet? It's easy and awesome!

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Alex Hall said...

I love swagbucks and just recently did a post about them as well. I just earned enough points to get a $5 gift card...I'm saving up to buy "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day." Although, my first thought was to save for a Starbucks gift weakness. :)

tami said...

i am busy saving all my amazon gcs from swagbucks cuz i have a long wish list! just 1 more to go to get some and get free shipping too!

Jennifer said...

I am saving all my swagbucks for amazon giftcards, I want to buy a dehydrator.