Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baking day!

Well today I plan on cooking and baking up a WHOLE bunch of stuff for the freezer for after baby comes!

I've got the house clean from yesterday, my sisnlaw on the way over, kitchen clean and ready to be totally demolished by our efforts, and the cooking show on to set the mood! (Btw she is making these chocolate donuts at the moment that I'm drooling over! Maybe that wil be on our menu soon! Despite the card factor and the huge sugar factor! LOL) :-D It's working to!

Here's what we plan on getting done today!

Chicken Pot Pie 2 pies

Mini Meatloaves 1 bag full

Pizza Pockets

Quiche Pie 2 pies

Large batch of Fried Rice to make 4 1qt bags

Large batch of Mex Rice to make 6 1qt bags

Large batch of Pinto beans to make 6 1qt bags

Banana Muffins 2 bags full



Mrs. Walker said...

Wow! I need to think about doing this too.

It sounds like you and Rach will have a full day! Have fun!

L2L said...

bulk cooking becomes a way of life, for me at times it's my saving grace, lol