Monday, March 23, 2009

Ebates: Magazine Deal - ALL YOU!!!

I just came across a good deal for some Magazines if your shopping around for some!

When you order your magazine's thru you will receive a $10 cash back for spending $22 or more at! Thats a pretty good deal! PLUS they have a $5.00 coupon right now good thru April 15, 2009!!!
So if you have already signed up thru you would be able to get a year or so of your choice of magazine if you order thru them for only $12 if you just spend the $27! (With $5 off)

But if you have NEVER signed up before with then you will be getting a steal! Sign up now with (My referral link!) and you will get a instant $5 bonus to your account. Then order your magazine thru them at and you will get your $10 back!

First off you will have ALREADY reached your $5.00 spending threshold to get a check thru Secondly you will have only spent after getting back the cash back $7.00 for your subscription to you magazine! How cool is that!

So go sign up for and order your magazine and don't forget to get the code from ebates for $5 off!!!

I was just looking thru the magazines to see what would be a REALLY good deal to get from and came across the ALL YOU magazine!!! 12 issues for $19.97!!!
Buy ALL YOU for $19.97
Add in another magazine that costs just a bit more than $7.03
-$5.00 coupon
=$22.00 OOP

First time'er
-$5.00 Bonus
-$10.00 Rebate
=$7.00 for a year of ALL YOU magazine FULL OF COUPONS (Comes out to$0.58 a mag! A STEAL!)!! and your choice of another mag!
Already signed up'er
-$10.00 Rebate
=$12.00 for a year of ALL YOU magazine FULL OF COUPONS (Comes out to $1.00 a mag!!)!! and your choice of another mag! STILL A GOOD DEAL!!!

If you even already have a subscription to this mag when you order a new year it will add to the end of your subscription!

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