Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Join a Co-op!

I recently had the opportunity to join a Produce Co-op. I thought it might be a way for us to have a variety of fresh fruits and veggies in our diet but not with the cost of buying it at the local store. And boy is it a good deal! I have been spending a good $30-$40 every 2 weeks JUST on fresh fruits and veggies and it's the same ol' same ol' thing. But with joining this co-op I am able to get MORE than I would normally buy for ALOT less! And I get the surprise of different items each week. I can't believe I haven't found something before this to get involved in!

This first time around my sisnlaw, momnlaw, and I all just split 2 shares as we where not sure how much fruit and veggies it would turn out to be. As it turns out we decided after goign thru what we got, we will all be getting our own fruit and veggie share separate. For the cost it is WELL worth the amount and variety that we get. I'm happy! Can't wait till 2 weeks from now when I get my full share along with the fruit share for more fruit! Looked good! Will have to live on what we got this week. :-)

Have you looked to see if you have any local co-op's around you? If not maybe start one! I have heard of organic, meat, milk, produce, and even whole gain type co-op's before! Try it out and you just might find that you save while your at it! Share


{ L } said...

This is just what I need to do! Thanks for bringing up the idea. :)

mub said...

I'd love to find a co-op in this area, but so far I've come up empty. Thanks for reminding me though, it's been quite some time since I've looked!

Tamara B. said...

Cruising over from the big UBP to say hi :)