Monday, April 13, 2009

Baby's Room and More

I am TOTALLY loving getting ready for my little son to arrive! :-D

I was planning on making a bumper for his crib because I hadn't been able to
find a good solid bumper that I liked and went with the skirt that my momnlaw
had found for me brand new at a thrift store. But this last Saturday that idea
went right out the window when I saw this bumper. I fell in LOVE with it!
And its JUST what I was looking for! It is SO THICK and solid! I walked into
Pottery Barn to drool just a bit cause the prices in there... yah.. not happening!
:-D Well this little thing didn't cost more than the material I was looking
at making the bumper out of at the fabric store! It was PERFECT! And way to
good of a price to pass up! :-D So my little guy is gonna sleep in style for sure.

A few weeks ago I had read an article on MSM about dressing your kids for free while still buying the "new off rack" in store clothes from high end kids stores. I have always loved the clothes out of Children's Place, Gymboree, Old Navy, Gap and the such... But the prices on them not so much. But I read her article and thought, DUH Nichole! Why didn't I think about that before! I have sold many things on ebay and bought many things also so why not do it to my kids clothes! Now, I still love thrift store, yard sales, ect for nice clothes at a good price. I did some searching on ebay and was also impressed at how many people buy the clothes for a good amount of $$!

So this Saturday while I was at the mall I happen to walk into gymboree with a 20% off coupon while they were having their Bucks promotion and bought some TO CUTE LITTLE BOY clothes for DIRT CHEAP! I was impressed for sure. :-) Don't tell me you can't dress your kids for nothing! Share


BarbaraLee said...

OH, I want another baby.

Lauren said...

That bumper pad is to cute!! I found my daughters crib bedding set on a clearance table at Burlington Baby Depot. Gotta love those deals!!