Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easy Cheap Cleaner

You may find this weird, but I don't use your normal "cleaners" around my house... Yes I do when a flu or sickness comes around break out my Lysol wipes, but for normal everyday cleaning I use normal everyday stuff. Well, maybe not so normal, I use Basic H for my kitchen cleaning, windows, and that kind of stuff. But for harder not so easy grim I use Vinegar and baking soda. Yes, I do.

For several reason I use these odd things...

For one, It's CHEAP. Yes I can shop coupons and deals and get the normal on the shelf cleaning supplies but I was ALWAYS running out and having to add it to my list of things to work in my deals. I went in with my sisternlaw and we bought a gallon of Basic H cleaner and so far I have barely put a DENT in it! And I sure use that stuff to, not like I go easy on it.
So for the cost of what I put into that it has been WELL worth it. And baking soda and vinegar? Well I ALWAYS have those on hand for cooking so yah!

Another reason is that most cleaning agents out there are just so harsh I would rather not bring that in my home. Specially with a kid on the way I hear stories of kids downing all types of things and that alone makes me want to make sure I use safe cleaners!

And on top of it being harsh, I have horrible breathing problems that are from allergies (not so fun) and breathing in all those chemicals while cleaning a shower or such is just to much for me. It would always take me forever just because I couldn't breathe while I was in the room so I would have to leave it and come back! That alone tells me that it is NOT good.

So yes, in my cleaning of the bathrooms today I scrubbed my shower with a good applying of some baking soda and vinegar and with no effort at all it was sparking!

There are so many other types of ways to use vinegar in your house to clean for way cheaper than some of those costly items! Share

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Anonymous said...

I just read that you have breathing problems from allergies. I have a 14month old and since having her, I have respiratory problems from allergies and am worried about breathing problems during my next pregnancy. How have you felt?