Thursday, April 23, 2009

My short trip this week.

This week I have been home ALL WEEK except for a quick trip to the post office and a run in to both Walgreen's and Cvs while I was out. I have been under the weather and have been at home trying to recover from it all.

I'm glad I have been doing my major shopping ever other week so I was able to stay home all week without worrying about running out of things!

I did HAVE to go to the post office to mail some things yesterday that I had been putting off because of sickness and such so I decided to run into Walgreen's for SURE to get my free tote bags and take advantage of their 15%-20% off discount that day while I was out!

Walgreen's Retail total =$65.92
After sales, coupons, and discount of 15-20% = $30.51
Got back in RR or Gift Card a total of = $29.01
So I lost a total of $1.50 on my gift card
Not to bad considering I needed tissues, meds, and the such!

CVS Retail total = $22.25
After sales, coupons = $9.42
Used $8.49 in ECB's
Total OOP = $0.93
Got back $8.00 in Ecb's

Total Retail was $88.17
Spend OOP $0.93
Lost $1.99 total in Ecb's, RR's, and Gift card.

Pretty good for a quick RUN IN! :-D Share

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