Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thoughts on the mend.

It has been an eventful weekend/week and great/not so great lay of events that have taken place.

It started out Friday getting ready and packed to head out that afternoon to our church's Ladies Retreat.

I FELL down my front porch stairs in the rain....

Yes, I did. And yes it hurt. I went down on my back and landed hard. Got bruised and scrapped up but baby was fine and I just was sore for several days. :-) Oh and I busted my phone which was in my back pocket so I am phoneless... sigh.

Then on to the retreat later that afternoon. It poured on the way up and drizzled most of the afternoon while there but it was nice and refreshing. We had a wonderful time at the ladies retreat. It was refreshing for the soul. We had a guest speaker Beth Quinn who lead the topic of the weekend on Discernment. It was wonderful to be reminded to be more discerning in this life as a Christian. It was wonderful to fellowship with all the ladies or our church who are like minded and want to honor Christ in all we do. I am very thankful for where the Lord has placed me in this church. They push you to seek outside your comfort zone to strive for more thru Christ.

I while there developed a even WORSE case of allergies being up in the hill country and being outdoors for a good part of the weekend. And I can't seem to shake it off.

On top of that Monday morning I came down with a stomach bug throwing up and the such. Not cool at ALL being 27 weeks pregnant. I hate being sick but on top of being pregnant I keep feeling like I was going to pass out because either nothing stayed down or it felt like nothing would. It finally seemed to pass later in the evening and I started to feel alittle better. Now I am just battling with severe allergies that I wish would just go away and STAY away.

So yes, it has been an eventful weekend and week so far and this has barely started.

My plan is to take it easy today still and get my energy back. But who knows how much as I am getting into my 3rd trimester and I seem to be lacking in the "energy area"..... sigh. Share

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