Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My hot deals this week!!!

Super Target
Retail $73.34
After Coupons Total OOP =$26.08

Bread Store

Retail $36.29
After sales and coupons $25.59
Used $25.59 in RR and Gift Card
Got back $18
Lost $7.59 in RR and Gift Card
Have $49.29 In RR and Gift Card!

Retail $41.61
After Sales and Coupons $3.30
Used $3.00 Ecb
OOP = $0.30
Got back $2.00 ECB
Lost $1.00 ECB
Still have $6.00 in Ecb's

Total Retail was $154.62

Total OOP was $29.76 Share


Tara aka "Mama Koala" said...

Awesome job! I just love CVS:-)

Jenny @ Another Jennifer Speaks said...

Hi. I was just surfing around some blogs, and I came across yours. It’s pretty nifty and I’m really enjoying my stay here. I’ve bookmarked your site for daily visits, and I hope you’ll visit me. I’d love to have you. :) Have a great day and I’ll see you around the blogosphere. :)

Janet said...

Wow! Great week.

Hoosier Homemade said...

Awesome deals! Great work!