Thursday, June 4, 2009

33.4 weeks along Prego Update!

May 30th my sister and best friend thru me a family baby shower!
I got such cute baby boy clothes, my stroller, a sweet baby boy charm,
and much much more! It was a blast!
My sisters husband carved out this totally cute baby stroller out of a watermelon!
It was awesome! And numo cupcakes!
Opening cute baby gifts!
A Red little wagon filled with baby diapers and cute stuff!
Was so cute!
Joining in the games!
A prego picture at 33 weeks along. My hand kept shaking
so they all came out blurry! Oh Well!

Close up of 33 weeks!
And newest pictures of the Babies room!
I had a doctor appt on Tuesday and everything is going great with baby and me! Hes measuring right on and heart beat was strong. He even kicked my Dr. several times as she was getting his heart beat. lol It was funny.
One more 2 week apt then I'm down to every week! Not looking forward to sitting in waiting rooms every week. Usually I am in and out within 45 min but this last apt I was there for way to long just waiting to get in. sigh..
I also found out that this last week they closed down the labour and delivery section of the hospital I was going to deliver at! What! So I now am switching over to the other place my Dr. uses which is a NICE hospital just about 55 mins away! Hopefully everything will be fine when it comes time to get there! Just makes me alittle nervous... lol Guess I need to make sure I don't wait till the LAST moment to go in.. hehe
I'm getting ready finally I think for him to be here. Not that I am so tired of being pregnant I just am so ready to finally meet him! He can come any time after the 12th of July! :-D LOL
Only 6 weeks and 3 days till my due date! Crazy!


Mrs. Walker said...

Ahh, it sounds like everything is going so well. I'm glad that you had such a great shower...just wish I could have come.
Love you guys and can't wait to meet your son!!! We'll have to get our boys together as soon as we're all up to traveling!

Michigan Kate said...

Looks like the shower was fun! That is a supercute watermelon! I love it! Wish I was that talented : )

Anonymous said...

Had fun at the shower! I cannot wait to see the baby room tonight.

rebekah kamin said...

my husband is amazing........

Sue said...

Great pics. Congrats on the baby shower! How fun. That watermelon is so cute.

Happy WW!

Cassie said...

I love that watermelon baby carriage!