Friday, June 26, 2009

Shopping deals this week!

Bread Store $10.64

Whole Foods $5.72

Produce Co-op $27.50
(not pictured)

Heb Retail $49.66
After sales and Coupons $35.09

Retail $81.13
After sales and coupons $15.70
Used $12.00 in ECB's
Total OOP $3.70
Got back $28.49 in ECB's
I have now $38.49 in ECB's! I am finaly getting back up
to where I was months ago with CVS! (I might end up hitting
CVS for my free sobe drinks and a few more ECB deals this weekend

Retail $60.12
After Sales and Coupons $30.34
Used $29 in RR
OOP $1.34
Got back a total of $14.00 RR
Had $20 RR to start out so I lost $4.00 in RR
(2 of the shampoos are missing from pic cuase I had already given them to someone)
Total Retail for all above was $$234.77
After sales and coupons total OOP was $83.99!
Saving of 73%!

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