Tuesday, July 14, 2009

39.2 weeks along.....

Waiting waiting waiting... that's what we do now. :-)

I had a Dr. appt. today and looks like things for progressing for this little one to come! That was good to hear. I am dilated to a 2, 50% effaced and his head is coming down.... and she said any day! I hope sooner rather than later for sure!

I feel like he has dropped quite a bit and feel about 20 months preg! :-P I am so ready for him to come! My stretch marks still are as itchy as ever. I did find that aveeno oatmeal bath and lotion helps alot but doesn't take it completely away.

I went this Monday with my sister and got a pedicure and boy was it nice!

My bags are all packed....

Baby stuff is all ready....

Car seat needs to be put in car still... :-P

Did I say I was ready? :-D

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Michigan Kate said...

Yep! sounds like you're ready! I hope it's soon! Can't wait to meet him!