Monday, July 20, 2009

40 weeks and still preg!

Here's a 40 week photo!

Yes I feel as big as I look! :-D


darcie said...

Nicole, we're at the library with our computer and I had to check. . .just to see about you and baby. It's hot here in the foothill of the Sierra Nevada mountains of Calif and we imagine, it's hot for you in Texas too. We keep praying for baby's arrival and know that you're in good hands. . .the very best, right? blessings

Anonymous said...

You still look good even though you don't feel good!

Gabrielle said...

Okay, you can pretty much see the outline of that big boy in your belly! I'm hoping for you!!! Any day!

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

You poor thing...I hope the baby comes soon!

Dawn said...

It's time!
(I know....Thank you, Captain Obvious! Right?)
I keep checking...and I hope it's really soon!! They won't make you wait much longer, will they?
Hope not.

Heather said...

I heard you were at the hospital today! YEA! Praying for you and your little boy!

Firefly14 said...

I read your blog daily....trying to keep up with your pregnancy to see if you have had your beautiful baby boy yet? I can't imagine them making you wait much longer. I will keep your family in my prayers that labor progresses quickly for you.