Friday, July 10, 2009

A wonderfull day!

Oh yes that's what today has been so far!

Did you know that today is Chick-fil-A's Cow Appreciation Day! Well before I headed out the door this morning I grabbed some white paper cut out a few cow spots and grabbed a roll of tape.

Yes, I did... I put cow spots all over my black huge prego belly shirt and walked into Chick-li-A for a free sandwich! It was awesome! There was alot of really cool kids dressed up in there cow outfits and one really crazy lady who said shes been doing it for years completely decked out as a cow! Totally worth it! It was fun! Next year who knows I might really get more into it and deck out for a whole free combo meal! :-P

After my free sandwich I headed on over to a wonder pregnancy massage! It was a gift for my birthday and oh boy oh boy was it good! I laid on a prego pillow and for the first time in months the weight of this kid was off my back and it felt ever so good... Kinda got a peek at what I'm gonna feel like in a week or so after this kid is born! :-D The lady did a wonder full job and I was so relaxed I went up to their lunge room and almost feel asleep in there just laying on a couch chilling! It was so nice! For anyone who has never had one I SO recommend one while your pregnant! It was awesome!!!!

We are headed for the day to the beach tomorrow unless I GO IN TO LABOR in the middle of the night tonight! :-P And if the beach doesn't put me into labor than I have a gift certificate for a pedicure that I am gonna go use on Monday! Maybe that will work! :-P

Oh an my belly is driving me BATTY... the stretch marks are.. stretching more? And I can not get ANYTHING to work to relieve the itch! Or stretch for that matter.... I now understand what women mean when they said it drove them crazy! Sigh... Share


Amber said...

Did you get to lay on one of those cool pillows where your belly goes? Are those not the best?? Can't wait till little whatever his name is arrives!!!!

Mrs. Nichole J. said...

Yes!!! It was awesome! I havnt been able to do that for MONTHS LOL.