Thursday, August 20, 2009

Joshua's a cutie!

Yes, my son has pretty much takin up my world and time as of late! :-)

He went with me to go see a friends new lil baby in the hospital the other day
and got to have his first play date! :-D LOL

And last Friday we all went to town to just get out of the house and ended up
after doing a few things at starbucks just chilling! Fun fun!

He now weighs about 12 lbs! Had to stick him in size 2 diapers cause he kept blowing out of the size 1's!!! Yickes!
He talks and coos alot which cracks me up! Smiles alot to!


Mrs. Walker said...

He is certainly a cutie!! Size 2!!! Matthew's still perfectly happy in newborns! haha

Anonymous said...

I feel like it has been FOREVER since I got to see and hold Joshua....Sunday seems like a LONG time ago!!! He is so special! Love all of you! Love MOM

Heather said...

Not too much longer and he is going to weigh as much as my skinny little boy. He sure is handsome!