Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My sweet lil man!


Joshua is the sweetest baby!
We are adjusting to being home so well! We have been out of the house a few times to do some shopping or to Dr. apts and he has been a great lil guy the whole time! He doesn't cry unless he is REALLY hungry or when he got a diaper change because of his yeast infection. But that's getting AWHOLE lot better so that's getting better to!


Dawn said...

Glad he is finally here! What a time of it you had!
The good thing about a larger baby is...they are sturdy..and easier to handle. For me, anyway. All of mine were good sized. I would not know how to handle a wee one.
Enjoy every day with your beautiful son. He will grow up all too soon.
Blessings on you all.
Zach's mum

Anonymous said...

i want to go se ebaby joshua!

rebekah said...

previous comment was me.. haha