Saturday, September 26, 2009

2 Months Sept 25th

2 Months old

Joshua had a Dr. apt on the 25th for his 2 month check up and some shots... He did prety good with the shots. Cried a bit but then just talked in a VERY loud voice. It was sad!

He is in the high end percent for his growth. :-) Weighing in a 14.6 lbs (5 lbs gained from birth) and is 24 inches long now. Such a big boy!!!

He's cooing and talking alot now. I just love it! He sleeps at night about 4-6 hours depending on how hungry he is and what kind of day he had. :-)

He loves to hear daddy's voice on the phone during the day when hes a work. It cracks me up! 

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