Friday, September 11, 2009


It's been pretty busy around here! But we've been having lots of fun for sure!!!

Joshua had his first bottle of pumped milk the other night. I want to make sure
he can take a bottle of milk so when we leave him with someone he will take it! And
he did an awesome job of it! LOL And then nursed just fine later. He loves his food!! :-D

Visiting with Nina, my husbands grandmother. We just found out she has Stage 3 Lung cancer. She had it and beat it over 4 years ago so we are once again praying that she beats this and stays healthy while going thru chemo and everything!

Hanging out with Mr. Newton! An elder in our church who leads one of our bible studies. They have 8 children, all grown up now, so he has the baby touch for sure! :-D

Sammy's 10th birthday! He was born one day shy of 9/9/99!!!
Can't believe hes 10 already! Makes me feel old!

Sleeping for Aunt Abby!

Bro-n-law and Brother... both named Nathan... Building some pretty cool Lego!
Aunt Hannah using Mommies Sling that Aunt Tasha made! Love it! Snuggle baby!!

Abby and Hannah are staying with us a few days and we decided to head to the bowling alley for some fun! After hitting up one bowling alley that was packed, going to a Krispie Kreme for some donuts and coffee (in which I split my coffee and the guy proceeded to tell me to "try not to spill this one" after giving me another cup!" LOL), finding out that the putt putt course was to wet to putt putt, we found another bowling alley that had lanes open! So we had some fun trying to bowl! :-D

Aunt Bekah with Joshua!

Helping Abby out.... we don't bowl very good! LOL Our scores were pretty sad... hehe
The girls laughing it up after both of them got strikes! Woohoo!

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