Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mad rush...

Well today has been busy indeed!

This evening we are hosting our bible study in our home. And my house was in need of some loving care...

So I put the little guy to sleep and set about cleaning. My kitchen hasn't been thoroughly cleaned in quite awhile. I cleaned it top to bottom till it was sparkling! Started some brownies for this evenings dessert to go with coffee and set about to declutter some other areas of the house.

I got alot done before I came across this little cute guy just wanting to be paid attention to! I LOVE IT! He is such a sweet darling and I could just play with him all day! He was in such a good mood when he woke up and he laughed and laughed at crazy mommy!

Don't ya just wanna eat him up!

After play time I put him on the ground on his tummy and set about folding a couch full of clean clothes... lots and lots of it. In the middle of all the folding I got a call from my husband that someone was coming in a few mins to come look at our house! YICKES! I was in PJS still (hey who wants to get all sweaty cleaning in nice clothes! LOL) and had laundry all over and had other things I needed to pick up... So I set about like a crazy woman getting everything ready for them to come look at the house.

And here I sit waiting for them to show up and my house is sparkling clean... well I kinda need to vacuum and mop still but other than that I am done cleaning! What might of takin me the rest of the day to get ready for this evenings bible study is done in a flash! LOL Kinda cracks me up how something can take such little time when ya just get it done! :-D

My house smells like a fresh burning candle, brownies, and clean clean clean!!!

Now once they have come and gone I can just play the rest of the day with my little guy!!!!! So fun!

Mad rush was not needed... no show on the house showing cuase they saw and liked another house.. oh well! My house is clean! Share


cpullum said...

The pictures are adorable!

Terra H. said...

Wow, what facial expressions! Too cute!