Monday, October 19, 2009

Menu Planning

Here is the 2nd week of the our menu for this week! We went on a weekend trip to Houston to see some family and "show" off (lol) our son to everyone up there! :-D

So after eating lots of nummy grandma food I am refreshed for cooking for us!

We are eating a dairy free menu for one more week because I beleive my son might have a milk protien allergy. I have been off it for 2 whole weeks for the most part.  I am considering also going "gluten" free to see if that clears up the rest of his allergy. He seems to have gotton ALOT better but still has a really bad stool problem that Im not sure if it might be the milk still that I am getting a tinny bit in foods or if he has somthing else he is allergic to... I am cringing at the thought of being so stricted in what I eat! But if it helps him alot that I am all for it.

Here is this weeks menu!

Monday- Leftovers and Salad -Hubs at VB (No cooking!)

Tuesday - Roast w/ Potatos and Carrots

Wednesday - Chicken and Wild Rice Soup in Crockpot

Thursday - Tuscan Sausage Soup

Friday - Fajitas in Crockpot

Saturday - Chicken Salad w/ Pasta  (Yard sale day!)

Sunday - Eat Out Share

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Susie said...

That Tuscan Sausage Soup sounds really good:-)