Wednesday, January 27, 2010

6 months old!!!

Jan 25, 2010
My sweet little baby turned 6 months old!!!! I don't know where the time has gone but it has flown by so fast!

He weighs 18.12 lbs and is 26 1/2 inches long and is one healthy little man.

He sits up very well and can now sit from a crawling stance.
He can crawl and scooch to get where he wants. He also does this funny pushup thing on his hands and feet when he crawls sometimes and it cracks me up!
He dosnt have any teeth yet but they are getting close it looks like.
He sleeps for 8-10 hours at night which is nice.
He sure is a happy baby!

Love my little boy!

Picture to follow later as my computer is down and I'm relying on my iPhone for Internet! Share

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