Sunday, February 7, 2010

Did you say a Yard sale?

Here in South Texas, the weather turns nice every few days... and if that nice day happens to be a saturday than be sure you will find a yard sale or two already.

Well thats what this crazy gall and her sisnlaw did this saturday! Yup, we had a spur of the moment yard sale! And I must say we didn't do to bad for only a few hours of our time on a saturday morning! Love it!

My husbands office is now mostly cleared out of the items being stored in there, got rid of alot of stockpile items from shopping with coupons and I made some good money in the process.

Have you ever had a yard sale??? Oh how I love them!

So if you happen to see a crazy gal slamming on the breaks at the notice of a small little sign with an arrow on it on the side of the road... you just might think of me! :-D Share

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