Monday, March 22, 2010

Don't close your eyes...

On the 25th my sweet little boy will be 8 months old! How it the WORLD did that already happen?????? It sure does not seem like 8 months has passed since he was born! Seems like yesterday!

I am loving being his mommy! He is such a sweet little guy and for the most part has a big o'l smile on his face!

He loves to eat! He eats "big boy" food 3 times a day now... And still nurses to! My little chunker! He likes most food also so that makes it easy to feed him. Not much of the "spitting out cuase it tastes gross" thing goes on with him! He sure loves veggies and french fries! He can't get enough! He is weighing about 21 1/2 lbs now! He's a tote to carry around! :-D

Once Joshua started crawling he's been everywhere and into everything he can get his hands on! He jumped right into pulling up on things the min he started crawling and now is crusing along on furniture to get where he wants to go. He lets go alot of the time to just stand there.... I am not quite ready for him to walk yet so I am hoping he puts that off for a few more months!

Oh and did I say I am loving that he sleeps 11-12 hours a night? Oh yes.... I love it! He goes down to bed around 8-9 depending on what has gone on that day and sleeps the whole night thru! Wakes up a hungry little man! I also figured out the key to get him to take his morning nap again after he had gotten off it for awhile when he got sick... Breakfast! :-D Uh silly mommy! I can't believe I didn't think about it untill a friend mentioned it... thanks girl! :-P

What else about my little guy.... 4 teeth now.. but no biting of mommy so thats good! LOL :-D 
Loves to wait for daddy to get home and play with him! He no longer wants mommy once daddy is home untill its time to eat. Which I'm ok with now becuase I know that my son is bonding big time with his daddy! And I love that!

Ah well, I think thats all for now... He's down for his afternoon nap so I must run and do a few things. Share

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