Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He loves it outside!

Every morning when I get up I open the front living room window and let the light shine in... it makes for a beautiful morning and give Joshua some sun and I think we both wake up better with it.. (That and a little java for mommy!)
Joshuas toys are on this wall where the window is so he has learned to climb on them to get to the window and see out! Its quite funny to watch as he has gotten good and getting where he wants to go and will do whatever it take to get there! :-D Such a boy!
So yesterday he pulled the teddy bear out of the Bumbo and got into the chair to see out the window. It was pretty funny when he started doign these moves in the chair that I was SURE he was gonna end up having some sort of mishap from... but no he has his balance down pretty good! I was amazed!


Silly Monkey boy!

In the evening I leave the door open and let him watch out the glass door for daddy... He KNOWS daddy will be home soon when I do that! He will sit there and just watch outside for long stretches at a time! And if he sees the boys next door come outside to play and ride there bikes he gets SO excited! 

I can't wait for it to get a bit warmed to get a kiddy pool for him so we can spend time out in the yard! So fun! I'm sure hes gonna love it!

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