Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cleaning out his toys!

Today I switched out alot of Joshua baby toys for more of his "big" boy toys. He hasn't played with alot of the rattles and more baby things in quite awhile so I figured it was time to put them away and stop cluttering his toy box up! He's enjoying playing with all his cool wooden toys and such that he hasn't seen before! Fun fun!

Doing any cleaning out for spring? I'm hoping to go thru the house this week room by room and pull out stuff we no longer need or is just causing clutter we don't need! We hope to possibly sell our house this month with the tax rebate people are trying to buy something to get in on it! We have a possibilty of a sale so we are just waiting to see if it goes thru or if someone else comes along! And I'm helping a freind have another yard sale since her last one was rained out (even though she dis GREAT still) and I can get ride of whatever I come up with! If we do mice packing would be a bit easier! :D Share

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The Keevy Family said...

I found your blog through MSM. Good for you for cleaning out toys! I am currently in nesting mode and about to give birth to my third child in 3 weeks. My other two kids are almost 8 and 4. I've switched out toys for years and I can attest to this fact that it's a great thing to do. Especially when they are a bit younger, when you rotate the toys they think they are new. :) And less toys out means that clean-up is a bit easier for those little ones who are learning how to clean up!