Thursday, April 8, 2010

Clearing out closests

Yesterday I spent awhile clearing out my closest and dresser. I pulled out lots of things I havnt worn in forever (and I don't have THAT) many clothes. (I tend to just wear my favs over and over haha). I cleared out quite alot! I ended up with a round basket full of shoes! And then another basket full of clothes. My dresser now fits all my clothes quite nicely with room to spare! So nice not have to jam the drawer shut! Haha. And I put away all my winter clothes to. We no longer need those here in south Texas!!!!

Today when I get a chance I'm going to clean out my kitchen cabinets. Not sure if I should attempt that while Joshua is up! He already loves to take thins out and play with them! I had to put those huge headband rubberbands around a few cabinets to keep him put of them! :D He will think he's in heaven if I let him go thru everything with me! Share

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