Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Re- using! and a bit of self promoting! :-D

Alittle over a week ago I was going thru my coupons, cutting, sorting, and trying to get back into it again... (It had been awhile since I had done anything with coupons! Sad I KNOW!)

Anyways, as I was putting coupons in my purse coupon holder I sadly realized it was falling to pieces! :-( I guess it shows that I DO use it, but now I needed a new one. Sigh... not that it was to bad, I could now get a COOL covered one off esty I thought! :-D   But then I started thinking about it... what if.... hmmm... my brain was turning!

I went looking in my material box to see if I had some scaps of material left over from any of my recent projects that I could use to cover my broken organizer! Oh the possibilities! Would my heavy duty machine be able to handle it? Would it work again since my coupons were falling out the bottom? Would it be like new????

So I set about cutting, trying to figure out the best way to do it...

and WAL-LA!

It turned out awesome! It's no longer losing my coupons, looks awesomely CHIC, and I didnt have to spend anything to redo it! How cool is THAT!

So, if your intrested, you can now check out my handmade Chic Grocery Coupon Organizer Holder Files that I have listed on Etsy!

Oh the possibilities!!!!!

It totaly Works for ME! Share

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