Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eating Oatmeal cookies....

Thats what I'm doing right now....

I've been cleaning all morning and it's time to put my feet up for a few mins, enjoy a glass of Dr. P and some hot out of the oven oatmeal cookies! And BOY are they GOOD! I'm obessed about them. :-D I never did care for them before but my friend sent me over a recipe and they are the best thing I have ever had! I make them up and freeze them in balls to have for later to!

It has been a house full of crazy the last week or so!
Just as I got over being sick my son decided it was high time he got sick I guess. I can deal with the sickie bug of throwing up and all that jazz but when it comes to fevers this mommy does NOT like it. He ran a fever for a few days and I finnaly decided to take him in his dr becuase it wasnt going away. Right when the meds would wear off his fever would go RIGHT back up. At one point (Thankfully while in dr office!) it was at 106.7 and I was freaking out. We got it down and got him on meds and after a few days he was back to his normal self. I thank God for proctecting my little one! It was a scary ride and not something I would ever like to do again.

Meanwhile we also had my gang of siblings who still live at home over for a few days to give my parents a break. It was fun and crazy! The noise level was on high alert at all times I do believe. But it was fun! We played lots of games, watched lots of movies, ate lots of popcorn, and had fun just hanging out!

Mothersday was nice, had a bbq at my parents house after church. Joshua got to go swimming in a big pool for the first time and LOVED it! That boy is a FISH! I can't wait till our local pool opens in a few weeks! We are gonna live at the pool I do think. :-D

My sister and family is coming in last min so I am SUPER excited to see her and her little guy! Can't wait for our boys to meet for the first time!

Well the lil man is still asleep so I am gonna go enjoy the quite time for now!

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