Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Entertainment Books FREE or $5.00!!!!

Havn't bought an Entertainment Book yet this year? Holding out for a great deal? Well I have one for you! Today only! And the great thing is you can still use this awesome book for 7 more months!!!!!

ShopAtHome is offering a $10 cashback rebate on all Entertainment Books that are purchased through their website today only!!!
The Entertainment Books are only $15 with free shipping.

If you have havn't signed up for ShopAtHome yet, then you can score this book for FREE! But if you have already signed up for ShopAtHome than you can still get your book for only $5.00! And thats FREE shipping on both!

Heres how you can get yours!

Go sign up at (If you already have then just login) (But if not when you sign up you will get a $5.00 sign up bonus! Which is how you will get the book for FREE!)

Look for and click on the rotating banner on the homepage which says “Go WILD”. The Entertainment Book offer is there.

Once there Purchase your Entertainment Book for $15 with free shipping.

Within 30-60 days your ShopAtHome account will be credited with the $10 rebate!

Plus a $5 bonus if you are a new sign up!!!
(You will get a check from ShopAtHome once you have hit $20.00 so with your sign up bonus and the $10 rebate you will only be $5.00 shy from that! It dosnt take long for it to add up with all the great rebates they offer!)
These books are FULL of great coupons for dinning out, entertainment, and TONS MORE! You will recoup your $5.00 I would say on the first coupon used out of it! So why not order one and save some money this summer! Share

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