Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mom Smart Values Rebate program!

I just got an email annoucing that MomSmartValues is launching late summer 2010!

If you have ever heard of The Caregivers Marketplace then you will understand how cool this is, it is a branch of it and will work just like it! I'm so excited!

MomSmartValues will be an ongoing savings program that rewards you every time you purchase the baby and child care brands your child needs.

Just buy eligible products at your favorite stores and fill out one, easy-to-use savings form that you will be able to print from our Web site. After you’ve purchased at least five products, you send your savings form and receipts to MSV and we’ll mail your rewards check to you. You can spend it or save it – it’s your choice!

The are still working on which brands will be eligible. But right now they are seeking partnerships with the brands you love so they can bring you the great savings!!!  In the meantime, please visit their Web site to tell them which types of products you'd like to save money on.

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