Saturday, June 26, 2010

11 months old

I can't believe my little baby is going to be one in less than a month now! It seems like yesterday we were coming home from the hospital with him. Time sure flies!

Poor little man has not been feeling so well the last few days, my guess is he is getting his 1 year mollars. His gums are super swollen and hes not eatting reg food much. And since he hasn't been feeling so well he has been super restless and up alot at night not so happy... which makes for a cranky mommy the next day! Two nights of no sleep is not easy! I sure hope the teeth come in soon if thats what it is!

The little man is growing and learning things so fast! He is starting to pick up on other words besides Dada! ( Mind you he did say Mama first but as SOON as he learned the word Dada he no longer said Mama... :-( ah well I know he will say it again someday!!!!!!))

He LOVES to go outside, and will just watch out the window for fun! Silly boy! He loves the water in any form still!!!!! He was jumping off the edge of the pool into the water the other day with his aunts help and was laughing and laughing!

He no longer just "walks" he RUNS! Loves to play ball! Runs and greats Dada with hugs and grins when he comes home from work and asks for him all day long!


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