Thursday, June 3, 2010

On the Coupon High :-) Saved 75%!!!

If your feeling down and low about your frugal finds then I hope this brightens your day! I have not posted about my finds and deals in awhile becuase well, I just wasn't finding THAT many! Enough to ge us by on those things we NEEDED but not much. When your husband says, "Um, Hon wheres the tp? or soap?" You know you've gotten off the band wagon! The days when I had a few months supply stored up and could sell and give away some and STILL have enough for us! Yah....

Well today I did pretty good so I will tell you a bit about it! :-) And hopfully you will be encouraged again!

To start off, I had been hearing that CVS had Huggies diapers on clearanced for 75% off! So my darling husband said he would stop by on his way home from work the other night to see if one of the stores had any. Sure enough 4 packs!

Heres what he did:
4 Huggies pks $17.99 - 75%off = $4.49 ea
-4x $3.00
Saved $65.40

Pretty awesome!

And heres what I did today!
CVS: (I also got a 20% off coupon that printed out of the machine!)
8 Aveneno Baby washes $5.69 -75% off = $1.42 ea
1 Off Clip = $4.19 -$1.00 instant off - $3.00 cvs coupon = .19
-20% total order - $2.28
= $10.02
Plus got a $1.00 ECB for using my own bag!
Saved = $40.44


Did 2 transactions of Ecotrin Aspirin 45 ct. $2 = $2 RR -$2.00 coupon =Free
and did 3 more with $1.50 peelies I found on boxes to pay only .50 and get back $2.00

Did 4 transactions of U by Kotex Pads  Tampons 18 ct. $3.49 = $2.50 RR -$1.00 coupon
and a few other items.
Total paid at walgreens = $7.01
Started out with a $3 RR and ended up with $14.00 so I made $11 in RR!
Saved a total of $38.95


1st Transaction:
10 Sobe Life Waters = $10.00
-4 x BOGOF coupons 
-4 x .50 target coupons
-.05 bag credit
= 3.95
Saved $6.05
and got back a $5.00 Gift card!

2nd Transaction
3 packs of Huggies $8.99 ea
2 packs Wipes $5.99 ea
-8.99 Free coupon (I had a bad pack of diapers and then sent me a FREE coupon!)
-2x $3.00 Huggies Diaper coupons
-$2.00/2 Wipes coupon
-$8.50 in Huggies diaper and wipes coupons
-$5.00 gift card from #1
Saved $27.49

3rd transaction
2 Free things from Kraft First Taste (Have a few more coupons from them but didnt find them here) 
2 John Frieda Sheer Blonde/Brunette  $5.04 ea -$3.00 Target coupon and 2x $2.50 manu coupons
2 Standard GE Reveal light bulbs (4 pack) $2 - 2x $1.50 Target coupons and $1.00/2 manu coupon

Plus a few other items that I needed but no coupon match ups.
Saved $20.41

Total Spent $50.06
Total SAVED $198.74  thats 75% off!!!!!!!!
Plus I made $12.00 in ECBs and RR for later use! :-)

I would say that was a pretty good day of savings! Share


Tracey said...

Great job! Need to check some CVS deals myself!

Noelle said...

Nice job! My store was out of the clearance diapers, but I'm glad to hear you got some :)