Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Ever tried out Netflix? We LOVE it! Hubs and I wait till a show is done and then we watch it all in a row! The current tv series we are watching would probably drive me BATTY if we watched it week to week when it first came out! LOL

Anyways, did you know if you went thru Ebates to sign up for Netflix you can get back $13.00! Pretty awesome eh! And you still get a 2 week free trial period also!

If you havn't signed up for Ebates yet you should! They have LOTS of coupon codes for pretty much ever store AND you get cash back on sooo many stores its crazy! Plus if your new you get a bonus $5 just for signing up! Thats a instant $18.00 if you sign up for netlifx! Plus you will be getting your cash back as soon as the next payment is rolled out as you will have reached your $5.01 you have to get after your bonus to get your first $!

GO sign up and then search for Netflix! Share