Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baby #2!

If you havn't heard yet, We are expecting baby #2! :-)

We are super excited!!!

I am due March 26 and am 10 weeks along. Joshua and this little one will be about 20 months apart! I know it will be crazy but we can't wait! I also can't wait to find out what this little one is.... I would LOVE to have another little boy but a girl is awesome to! :-) Of course!

We had my first dr apt the other day and had a sono! The little one was a MOVER! Joshua didnt move that much in his first few sonos and he was a CRAZY mover futher along... so I am wondering how active this one will be! Might see movement across the room people! :-D

I am pretty sick with morning sickness, which I hope will go away soon! I do not love that part at ALL of being preg!

I havn't gained anything yet, as with Joshua I seems to pop out instantly! I think part of it is our diet change since Joshua was born and our allergies. I am starting to feel the little baby, which I LOVE!

Here is a video that Steven took of the Sono! If you watch close at the end it looks like he/she is trying to suck his thumb!


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