Saturday, March 26, 2011

Evan William

So unlike his big brothers Birth story, here is Evan's story...

March 14
I had a Dr. apt that morning. I had been dilated to a 2 already for about 2 weeks. Seemed I had gone to a 3 and was progressing some where my Dr said she wouldn't be surprised if he came that week! Two weeks  before my due date and 3 weeks earlier than Joshua was born from his due date! Wow I was kinda surprised! I had been having braxton hicks but nothing yet that was time able. That evening around 5 time able contractions kicked in. We waited for about 2 hrs timing them and they seemed to come pretty strong and steady so my hubby wanted to be on the safe side and go in to the hospital. I was a bit reluctant as I didn't want to go in and then go home. :-D 
We got to the hospital and they hooked me up to see how things where going. And I was having good time able contractions but I was not progressing at all. And the Dr on call happened to be the ONE Dr in the practice that wouldn't do VBAC's.... so after quite some time we decided to go ahead and go home and see if things would kick in in the morning when a new Dr was on call that would do a VBAC. Or atleast let me TRY...

March 15
I cont' to have great time able contractions so I called my Dr up and she said to come into the office so she could see how I was progressing and go from there.
We made it up to the office and found out I had progressed to a 4.... after over 12 hrs.. lol  slow and steady. 2 Dr's that would do VBAC's where on call for the next 48 hours so I was good to have the baby anytime in the next 2 days! :-D  So she said go walk and see if things would kick high gear! We dropped Joshua off at a friends for the afternoon and went to the mall and a few other stores walking walking walking... I'm sure I looked quite the site. Because I was having nice contractions while walking but nothing that was causing major pain. Just enough to make me pause for a min and then keep on going. By 4 maybe 5 I was pooped. No more walking. I just wanted to go to bed. The contractions seemed to get stronger as we walked but didn't feel like I was still doing anything.  So we picked up Joshua and headed home.

March 16
My mom had come over the night before and stayed the night so Steven went on to work in the morning hoping that in a few hours he would get a call to go to the hospital. It took a bit longer than that but around 2pm I started to have much harder contractions that were coming faster than before. After about 45 mins of them I decided yah it was time to go in. I would hate to have a baby at home just knowing how my previous birth went!!!!
We headed on in and got to the hospital and got hooked up only to find out that somehow the Dr who would do a VBAC had already gotten off and the Dr that wouldn't do a vbac was back on call! And I had progressed to a 5-6... so I wasn't going anywhere. We prayed that the Dr would either see if someone else would come in to cover her or that she would reconsider and let me try to do a VBAC. The Dr finally agreed to do it and she came in to break my water and check me.. only to find out that I was actually a 4... uhhh... what.... not sure how that happened! Will never know if the nurse or Dr was "incorrect" but ya...
So after breaking my water at 8:30pm and contractions started to hurt much more! :-D Lasting for longer. But you guessed it, not doing ANYTHING. We waited and waited till around 11 we decided that considering my previous birth the best option for us was now a CS. So at around 11:30 I was wheeled in and at 11:53 our sweet little baby boy was born. Just 7 mins shy of Saint Patricks day but I didn't care! :-P And when they pulled him out I heard one nurse say Congrats on your baby GIRL.. and before I could go WHAT she said On never mind hes a BOY and his plumbing works JUST fine! :-P Meaning he peed all over already! LOLS

Recovery lasted a bit long because the spinal was working WELL and I could not move my legs beyond the time it should start to wear off. And they brought me my sweet little man to me in recovery so I could nurse him. He was doing awesome and had no problems at all.

Evan's birth was so different than Joshua's that recovery has been MUCH easier. I still am tired, sore, and all that but I am recovering much better than I did with Joshua. Which I am very thankful for considering I have 2 Little's now. :-) Share

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Emily said...

Congrats on a new baby BOY! :) My daughter peed on me as soon as she was born too..thought only boys did that! LOL