Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Potty Training

I'm from a large family, babysat my nieces for the first 2+ years of their life, and have been around ALOT of toddlers.... so you would think potty training for me would be a breeze?

I'm hoping and praying it is but in reality I know that it could go really bad or go really good!

I decided after 4 or so months of my son telling me that he was "potty"ing in his diaper that is was time to go ahead and make the jump! He's 2 months shy of being 2 but is talking quite well and understands very well that he is going to the bathroom in his diaper and doesn't care for it.

We are currently on day 2 of training! I picked a week out that we would be home for sure from 8-8 so that he had a full day each day of learning to tell me and go on the potty!

The first few hours of day one was quite amusing. He went poo on the toilet as he has done off and on for the last 4 months just fine. A few mins later when he went potty in his underwear he was quite interested in this wetness. :-D

After 4 times of going in his underwear he figure out what was going on. And we made it to the potty the rest of the day. Until bedtime and we had a accd right before bed.... we both were getting tired! LOL
I was amazed it had gone as well as it had! :-)
On to day 2! Hoping and praying it goes as good as it did yesterday! And if it doesn't that I will have patience and not stress out! :-D Share

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Doris Price said...

Nicole I had to comment on this post. I was checking my Blog out and decided to visit the links to my favorite blogs. Seen this post on yours and only wished I could have seen it 37 yrs.ago LOL. With Twins and 2 potty chairs(we used them at that time)and a very small bathroom it was crowded in there! I soon found out that I WAS THE ONE trained after 3 days I thought it was possibly that the girls just weren't ready. So waited till they were 18 months, then it was a breeze they were trained with in a few days. I love your blog for all the info on HELPING others its a blessing no matter your phase of life.