Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some days

Some days I never get out of my PJs or get a shower...
Some days I seem to be making just one more cup of coffee to keep me alert...
Some days I barely seem to get something for dinner ready at a decent time...
But every day I love that I am the mommy to these two littles!

Who needs reg clothes when they are just gonna get snot and spitup on them!
The coffee helps me stay on my toes when big brother decides to feed little brother his cereal or pull him out of his swing! And of COURSE snap that pic as quick as I can of that sweet little face saying MOMMY HELP ME!
And yes, more cereal can be dinner!
I love it and know I will miss this!


1 comment:

me said...

love it. good perspectives. these times pass so fast, and what really lasts are the sweet memories, not the clean house or the fact you got dressed one day. keep up the good work, momma, and Happy Mother's Day!