Thursday, September 27, 2007

Crazy Crazy Crazy
thats what its been the last week! :-D

I was able to get about 220 cans of tuna for under 20.00 dollars!
of course 150 of them were for my mother. :-D

I had a spa party on Tuesday and it went off so well!! We had a great time!

Tonight is the Casting Crowns* Leeland * John Waller
The Altar and The Door Tour!
We are going with 9 other people from out bible study group and church. Should be a good time!

Last night I finally made it out grocery shopping and wow did I hit the Blowout Sale! I was amazed at everything they were getting rid of! :-D Got 4 boxes of Instant Pancake mix for .49 cents each, Peanut butter for .63 cents, Some expensive sugar free blackberry jam for .77 cents, some nice frozen waffles for .59 cents each - I bought alot of these as my husband LOVES them! Got lots of good deals on some clearance meat to!

See what a few other girls saved on this last week!!! Crystal's shopping trip, Cindy's Coupon Savings, and Catherine has a great post here on stretching a chicken over five dinners (at which I laughed at).


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