Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"At Your Local Wal-Mart — Bratz
Today’s secular doll manufacturers wrestle with political pressures, marketing realities, and the bottom line. They also recognize trends, including the present dominance of youth culture, sexual permissiveness, and feminist ideals within the culture as a whole. They have to deal with a media-manipulated culture in which young boys and girls have access to highly advanced technologies, the permissive culture values of the government school, and the moral unrestrained of Hollywood, each of which exposes them to unbelievably mature concepts and experiences at an increasingly younger and younger ages. Frankly, eight year old girls who date boys, watch R rated films, and are exposed to X rated conversations with their peers are not interested in tea parties or baby dolls."
"One of the most iconic symbols of childhood play is the doll. Dolls have always served an important role in culture, primarily in preparing daughters to be mothers. At the heart of doll play are two important concepts: identification and imagination. For example, the baby doll in the hands of a girl is a tool that helps her to identify with motherhood. The dress-up doll at her bedroom tea party allows her to imagine her own future role building a culture of hospitality for her family. With the historical doll a young lady both imagines and identifies with the adventures of girlhood past. The point is this: dolls have traditionally played an important role in the social and intellectual development of young ladies. "
I found this article pretty interesting. I remember seeing not long ago on tv somewhere that they were coming out with Jesus, David and Goliath and other biblical character dolls. I am not sure how I feel about most of them all but I know I would not want my children playing with a Jesus doll as to me that is a disrespect. Nor would I want them to idolize something like that.
Anyways go read the the rest of the article here.

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