Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I must confess I have a certain weakness for Pyrex...
And not just any Pyrex! Amish Butterprint! Sigh...
I have a huge collection thanks to my best friend who started it for me as a wedding gift! And ever since I have continued to collect these wonderful pieces.

My wish list.... another words I am drolling over these right now...

Salt and Pepper Shaker! I just came across these . Until a few moments ago I had no idea that they had made these in my set! Pyrex only made certain things in certain sets so it seams. And some were collectors pieces as they only made so many of it and not in every pattern! So I am excited to find this out! :-D

*Update I now officially own these beautiful pieces!!!!!!!! Thanks to EBAY! hehe Supper excited! YIPPEE!!! hehehe

This Glass pitcher!

And the piece I have been drooling over the longest... this Chip and Dip set! They are rare to find in a whole set and in awesome condition without chips in it or flaws! sigh...

I already have 2 sets of the Cinderella bowls, LOVE them!

And the regular Mixing Bowls

I have the butter Dish, its SO cute!

The Casserole Dishes are handy! Have the whole set of them plus some... lol

And what they call the Refrigerator dishes. These are cute!

If you were to look in my cabinets you would probably call me a crazy woman cause you would find alot of this in it... but I would rather have these any day than a new piece of cookware! They have character!



Bethany P said...

These are so neat, I love Pyrex!!! I have just a few random pieces. The chip and dip set is so cute!

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

What random pieces do you collect?
Any Fav design?

Bethany said...

Crazy Daisy I think it's called. . . John had a few pieces when we got married and I just picked up 2 of the refridgerator dishes at Goodwill a few days ago. . . it is honestly NOT my fave pattern but it goes with my green counters and they are so sturdy and well made you just can't beat it. I will pretty much buy any Pyrex I run across at Goodwill if the price is right!

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Andrea collects that pattern. :-)
She likes the retro green, brown, and yellow colors.

Yah, they are DEFF the best cookware! I would cry if I broke one.. lol