Thursday, September 20, 2007

Providence or Scammed....
I stopped at Super Target on my way home from work this afternoon to stock up on some more Tuna. While there I found some Tide detergent on blow out sale and it was too good of a deal to pass up. So I bought 4. When I checked out I noticed after I had written my check and finished as I was looking at my receipt that the amount I was charged just didn't seem right ( I keep tally of what I spend in my head if I am only buying a few things. When I noticed that one of the detergents was not the one on sale. OPPS, and the only reason I got them was the blow. The cashier was so nice she refunded me and let me go get the one that was blowout. Someone must have seen the sale and set there original bottle down there and I didn't notice it was different. :-D
So I got back alittle over 8 dollars ( see I told you I got a good deal). Anyways, as I was loading my car with the grocery's this lady I noticed was walking around like she was lost, she went up to someone a few cars down and asked him something but he shook his head and drove off. She came up to me. Now I don't give money to strangers normally. I wold willingly give someone a loaf od bread or some food any day but giving someone money you never now what they are gonna do with it or if your really being scammed. This lady DIDN'T look like she was the beggar type. She didn't look like a druggy, she looked very upset. Anyways, she came up to me and said she just got off work, her car ran out of gas on the way to the baby sitters, and she felt so embarrassed she had to ask for help and she only needed 3 dollars to get a gallon of gas to get to the babysitters and home. Now I looked at her and thought... yah right... then I felt HORRIBLE. What if she really did need gas.
Me getting the wrong item and having to get my money back and cash no less. ( I had written a check and had no cash before) So, I gave her the 3 dollars she was asking for and prayed she would use it on gas and not something else.
Who knows what she really used it on. Could of been drugs or cigarettes....
But hopefully I did a good thing.
You never know do you.


Madel said...

Hi Nichole,

Thanks for sharing the tuna but I have question, How do u cook it? I never eat it and cook it before..I wanna try it..



Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Well I personal will not eat tuna hot. :-)
But I eat it cold on salads, as a sandwhich, and plain ol on crackers!
I have heard alot of people use it as a cassorele but it never worked for me as I dont care for hot tuna. :-)