Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My hubby is the sweetest darling, and more.
I spent the better part of my day cleaning a very messy house. I haven't had a single home day in about 2 weeks so it was catching up with me. From being out of town work and other things its just gone down hill. Well today I set out to put it all back to normal.
Washing loads of laundry in my apt size washer dryer, not sure why they put such a small set in here as the place is huge and had PLENTY of space to put a normal sized one. But anyways, I washed laundry, cleaned my super dirty kitchen, cleaned bathrooms,did floors,went thru winter clothes, folded all that laundry which is now taking up alot of my living room floor ( yes there was that much), all but the socks...
Which my hubby love is so kindly folding right now. He knows I HATE to fold socks. I would rather iron, was toilets, or ANYTHING besides fold socks... I think it was from growing up in a very large family and having to fold lots and lots and lots of socks.....
He's the best. :-)

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