Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Today is another BACKWARDS edition of Works-For-Me Wednesday.
OK... I have a bit of a problem.. and I don't know what to do.
So.. maybe I can get some help from blog readers. :-D
I have a sugar problem.
Meaning I keep eating it when I am not suppose to!
Right now to help with my allergy problems I am suppose to be on a sugar free and a dairy free diet. And its worked up to a point. I stayed off it and did really good. In fact I lost a few lbs in the process. yeah right! But I all of the sudden get MAJOR sugar cravings. Usually I am not a sugar sugar person, would rather eat chips then candy... But cutting out all sugar is HARD and it makes me CRAVE IT. I have tried eating other things that are healthy and good but not sugar in place of that craving but it doesn't help :-( and I just end up eating something horrid. Like candy corn. lol... throwing it away now...
So, what has helped you get over a bad craving and stay on a good path?
Any helps please!


Jen said...

Get a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Put them into a container of some type and keep it in your cupboard. If you have a craving, pop a chocolate chip or two, and let it melt in your mouth. Then WALK AWAY. Do something else, and you'll forget all about how great that Snickers bar your kids got at Halloween would taste! Good luck!!

Milehimama said...

Oh, I struggle with this too! I always have gestational diabetes when I'm pregnant - which is exactly when I really crave sugar and chocolate!

First, exercise supreme control while grocery shopping. If you can control yourself at the store and NOT bring a bunch of junk home, you've almost won the battle right there. Yes, I could still make brownies, but I would have TO MAKE them and that stops a lot of binging.

Realize that the sugar cravings ARE really strong, and that is actually a sign that sugar is a problem for you! You need to get rid of sugar not IN SPITE of the cravings, but BECAUSE of them. The cravings signify that something wonky is going on with your sugar metabolism (like that medical jargon?)

Fruit is naturally sweet, and if you avoid processed sugar you will be able to taste it. So eat an apple, or tangerine, or pear to get your 'sweet' fix. Also, rice pudding made with rice milk is naturally sweet without added sugar.

I found it helpful to just get rid of my culprit foods. If I tried to eat sugar free substitutes, I never lost my sweet tooth and they didn't satisfy me.

Another trick is to eat the opposite of what you are craving. Craving sweet? Eat sour. Get a pickle. Mexican stores sell these dried, salted plums that also are supposed to satisfy a sugar craving - they are salty!


Amy said...

I struggle a lot with this, too- I am insulin resistant, which is just a step away from diabetic. I can resist sweets most of the time, but soda-- well, I'm an addict. What helps is that I've finally found sugar-free alternatives that don't taste sugar-free: Sugar Free Wylers Pink Lemonade, Sprite Zero, and Diet Dr Pepper. Of course it would be healthier to skip soda completely, but I always wind up drinking one anyway, so at leastalternative I try to cut down by substituting a sugarless alternative. Maybe you can find an alternative to your favorite treats? Good luck!

Rebekah said...

I have no idea if this will actually work since I haven't tried it myself, but I've read that if you'll put a teeny, tiny amount of sugar in a glass of water (like a TINY amount, not even 1/8 tsp.) it will "trick" your body into believing you've had sugar and help control the cravings until you're past that stage of letting it all go.

Also, it helps if you give yourself one time a week to have something outside of your diet. That way you're rewarding yourself for being so good the rest of the time! :) Obviously, don't pig out on that day, or it defeats the purpose, but if you pick say, Sunday, then reward yourself with a special something sweet and chocolatey and be done with it! It's amazing how that will help you stay on a diet.
Love you girl!!! Stay strong!!!

Laura said...

One suggestion I have for you is stay away from sugar-free products. Most of these products contain aspartame which is toxic to the body, it contains wood alcohol which if kept under certain conditions turns into formaldahyde. Also, it stops your brain from producing seratonin which will make you think you're hungry when you're not at all.

My husband and I stopped drinking soda about a year ago. We now opt for Celestial Seasonings Zingers to Go, these contain stevia which is a natural sweetener (has no effects on the blood sugar level).
I have not found any other drink mix that does not contain an added artificial sweetener.

Stephanie said...

I have found that things that are spicy help me. I really like the Sahale brand -- but have also made my own spiced nuts.

Spicy pepperoni rounds help too.

If all else fails I brush my teeth or at least do a mouthwash and that puts it off.